Jan 16, 2019 // Work

Tech Used → Tabris // TypeScript // C# // .NET Core // AWS // MongoDB // Angular.js

Screenshot of Pongalo NovelaClub Android App

Pongalo NovelaClub brings more than 10,000 episodes of telenovelas and TV series from Latin America to iOS, Android, and the web.

The service offers free (ad supported) or paid subscription plans to view HD on-demand Spanish content. I helped add new weekly, biweekly, quarterly, and biannual subscription plans to their iOS and Android apps. I also added in-app review popup that helped increase the number of reviews on the app store.

Since this was a legacy codebase written with Tabris.js, we had a high number of crashes due to older dependencies – particularly on Android. By gradually and carefully upgrading these dependencies to more stable releases, we were able to ship a more bug free Android experience and saw a reduced number of crashes in the Google Play store.

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