Mar 2, 2018 // Work

Tech Used → Ruby On Rails // JavaScript // SASS // Vue.js // Knockout.js // PostgreSQL // Docker // Webpack

Screenshot of Kadenze's Website

Kadenze is an online education platform (MOOC) for the creative arts. The company also created a learning management software (LMS) that was used in multiple institutions across the globe. I worked at Kadenze as a QA Engineer and later as a Web Engineer.

During my time there, I worked on multiple parts of the business. I created the company's blog, wrote automated tests to run against the web team's codebase, but mainly worked on the web app that served the company's core products.

I worked on multiple features including but not limited to the dashboard, attendance, lecture & resources modules. I also built a generic frontend data table class that was extended in multiple view models across the site. I implemented new user roles as well as site-wide email redesigns. I also created a new library to track events, emails & user engagement, and migrated the app’s analytics backend to use a Dockerized in-house solution using PostgreSQL.

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