Aug 5, 2018 // Work

Tech Used → Ruby On Rails // React Native // React // Alloy // Branch // Plaid // Sendgrid // Heroku

Screenshot of Cogni's iOS application

Cogni’s mission was to build a modern bank geared towards today’s lifestyle. They learned that most of the future generation's income was from part-time employment opportunities; that most people had trouble saving for their goals, that it was hard to receive payments from clients, and that their current bank’s cash back solutions left more to be desired.

I supported Cogni by developing their products during pre-launch campaign, which helped the team raise additional funding from investors. I also engineered essential features for their main mobile applications, bringing them closer to launch.

Through our help, Cogni was able to acheive an average weekly user growth rate of 9%. They also had 239 real user referral based app downloads in less than 2 months – all pre-marketing.

I architected the backend RESTful API for the iOS and Android applications. I helped create a referral gamification system that incentivized people to download the app. I also engineered features allowing users to transfer funds to other users on the platform, control their savings easier, send invoices and payment reminders to clients, and receive high cash back at retailers and restaurants. I also helped develop their marketing website.

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