Capital Group

Nov 3, 2018 // Work

Tech Used → Angular 6 // TypeScript // D3.js // Foundation // SASS

Screenshot of Capital Group's Portfolio Construction web application

Capital Group is one of America's oldest and largest investment management organizations, with $1.87 trillion in assets under management as of 2019. As part of their endeavor to assist advisors, they wanted to build an internal portfolio construction and management tool.

The idea was that advisors could work and iterate on sample portfolios before presenting them to clients. Portfolios could be created from either existing American Funds models, sleeves and funds, or from non Capital Group funds. Users could view saved portfolios associated to meetings, manage their portfolios, answer questions surrounding the portfolio's intent, and view detailed performance analyses on them.

I lead frontend development on this project and integrated the APIs Capital Group's backend team was delivering to us in order to make the project come to fruition. Some notable features I built included a robust fund searching and portfolio creation interface and detailed interactive visualizations of a portfolio's projected performance.

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